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New name! Is Ralf Rangnick a coaching candidate at FC Bayern?

Ralf Rangnick

FC Bayern is looking for a new coach for the coming season. The same names have been discussed time and time again, but now a new candidate has been put forward: Ralf Rangnick.

Is Ralf Rangnick a new coaching candidate at FC Bayern? The Munich club is currently looking for a successor to Thomas Tuchel, who will leave the club after the season.

In the BILD show „Reif ist live“, BILD head of sport Matthias Brügelmann presented a list of several names of coaches who have already been mentioned as candidates.

On this list were: Xabi Alonso, Zinedine Zidane, Xavi, Louis van Gaal, Unai Emery, Roberto De Zerbi and even Jürgen Klopp, who had explicitly emphasised that he would not accept a coaching job next season following his resignation as Liverpool coach.

However, one name from the BILD list has not yet appeared in the search for a successor to Thomas Tuchel: Ralf Rangnick.

The „football professor“ is currently the Austrian national team coach and led the team to the European Championships in Germany with great aplomb.

Before that, however, Rangnick failed at Manchester United. At RB Leipzig, he built up a Bundesliga team as head of sport and initially also as a coach for the Red Bull Group. The 65-year-old’s previous coaching positions include: Ulm, Stuttgart, Hanover, Schalke and Hoffenheim.

Reif on Rangnick: „Proven football expert“

Commentator legend Marcel Reif said of Rangnick: „Of course he is a proven football expert who has achieved great things in clubs. Not just: ‚How do we play tomorrow? But also: ‚How do we play the day after tomorrow? He has left his mark on Leipzig, and a big one at that.“

Marcel Reif
Photo: Getty Images

Reif continues: „What he is doing with Austria: Yes, it’s a super generation, but other countries have that too and they’re hamming it up in one piece. And he’s making something of it.“

However, Rangnick has a reputation for being extremely demanding and sometimes a difficult guy. Similar to Tuchel, who Bayern parted ways with prematurely. Reif said: „You want someone who makes a difference! Then he has to demand something. And then you have to agree: are we going in the same direction?“

So could Ragnick really become the new Bayern coach? Reif’s conclusion: „I don’t think it’s out of the question.“

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