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Goretzka reveals the secret behind his PSG punching bag

Leon Goretzka Boxsack
Foto: Instagram/@leon_goretzka

Leon Goretzka was the match-winner against Mainz 05, and he was also in demand on social media: Goretzka’s followers noticed an Instagram story by the midfielder that caused quite a stir.

Leon Goretzka posted an Instagram story showing him in his private gym. In addition to various weights, a PSG jersey can also be seen, which was the centre of attention. It was draped over a punching bag, giving rise to rumours that Goretzka had placed the jersey there out of a lack of respect.

After the Mainz win, however, Goretzka clarified: „That’s Sergio Ramos‘ jersey, with whom I swapped jerseys. It stayed there on the punching bag because I respect him so much as a player and I also look up to him. When I decide to use my punching bag, I take this jersey off first.“

Goretzka’s appeal: „Our job is to be there“

Leon Goretzka took centre stage during Bayern’s sensational 8:1 home win over Mainz 05. The 29-year-old scored twice and probably put in his best performance of the season.

„It was very important for us to keep this season alive. If Leverkusen do get a bit scared of winning, it’s our job to be there,“ he said after the gala performance.

After the Ramos revelation, the Bochum-born player will have another chance to make his mark on Saturday 16 March. The German record champions will then face SV Darmstadt in an away match.

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