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Promotion beckons: Maric to be given more responsibility at FC Bayern

Rene Maric

After René Maric recently took over as head coach of FC Bayern Munich’s U19 team, he may be in line for another promotion. Sports director Christoph Freund is considering making Maric head coach of FC Bayern II.

Maric’s commitment and expertise have put him at the centre of the club’s plans for the future. Since his arrival in November, he has stood out for his innovative approach and deep understanding of the club’s playing philosophy. His ability to both nurture young talent and implement strategic development plans has left an impression on those in charge at Munich. Now he could soon become the new coach of Bayern Amateure and replace Holger Seitz.

The recent decision to entrust Maric with the management of the U19s came after the departure of Michael Hartmann at the beginning of February. Campus sporting director Halil Altintop and sporting director Christoph Freund had deemed this step necessary after the youth team’s poor performances. Maric himself commented: „I was surprised by this development today. But I’m really looking forward to working with the team and this exciting task. Together with my coaching team, I will do everything I can to support the boys and realise the club’s goals.“

Tuchel contacted Maric

Maric’s unconventional path from blogger to respected coach reflects his modern approach to football management. His analytical skills and ability to develop in-depth strategies were already evident in his work for Spielverlagerung.de. There he regularly wrote articles on tactics and match analyses. It went so far that he was even contacted by current Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel, who wanted to talk to him about tactics. Maric said: „I was 19 at the time and was really pleased that he was interested and that I could talk to him about football.“

In the coming season, René Maric’s goal could now be to finally lead Bayern Amateure from the Regionalliga Bayern back into the 3rd division.

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