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Escape after a chaotic season? This is how Kane plans his sporting future

Harry Kane
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After a mini-crisis, speculation recently arose that Harry Kane could leave FC Bayern again in the summer. An insider now explains what the striker’s plans really are.

Will the €100 million new signing really be on his way out after just one year at FC Bayern?

There have recently been rumours about Harry Kane in England. According to the rumours, the star striker is not entirely happy in Munich. Chelsea FC are already thinking about bringing the international striker back to the island.

But there is no truth to the rumours at the moment. BILD reporter Christian Falk made this clear in the „Bayern Insider“ podcast following a conversation with a member of Kane’s family.

„He scored two important goals again against RB Leipzig and showed that he’s there. I spoke to his brother after the game, who is also his manager. He just laughed too. They feel very comfortable in Munich,“ reported Falk, who has covered FC Bayern as a reporter for many years.

Kane had actually moved to FC Bayern to finally win a title for once in his career. The 30-year-old never managed to do so at Tottenham Hotspur.

But now he seems to be coming away empty-handed in Munich too. Eight points behind league leaders Bayer Leverkusen, FCB are in danger of missing out on the championship for the first time in twelve years. Bayern have already failed in the DFB Cup. In the Champions League, the record champions must make up a 1-0 deficit against Lazio Rome on Tuesday.

Kane with 27 Bundesliga goals to his name

Which also fuelled the rumours in England: After an outstanding first half of the season with 22 goals in 17 games, Kane tailed off somewhat after the winter break and did not appear to be involved in Bayern’s play at times.

However, Kane immediately nipped any criticism in the bud with his two goals against Leipzig. With his 26th and 27th goals of the season, he once again set a new record.

But a quick departure would not suit Kane’s character at all, emphasised Falk. He is „a loyal guy“. Kane apparently wants to settle down in Munich for the time being. Before Christmas, he and his family moved out of the hotel and into a house in a suburb in the south.

Kane’s plan is therefore still to fulfil his contract in Munich, which runs until 2027. Until then, he still has enough time to win a title or two.

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