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Revealed: This is what Nagelsmann wants to do after his coaching career

Julian Nagelsmann Happy
Picture: Getty Images/Alexander Hassenstein

At 35, Julian Nagelsmann is still one of the youngest coaches in the Bundesliga. The Bayern coach still has a few years ahead of him as a head coach, but he is already thinking about what he might do professionally after his coaching career.

Julian Nagelsmann is still contractually bound to FC Bayern until 2026. In recent months, those responsible in Munich have repeatedly emphasized that they want to shape a new era with the young coach. In plain language, this means that Nagelsmann should ideally continue to sit on the bench at the German record champion after 2026.

However, the FCB coach doesn’t want to spend his entire life on the sidelines like some of his colleagues: „There are many things outside of soccer that make me happy. I don’t want to wait until I’m 70 to do that,“ he explained in an interview with „WELT am Sonntag“.

„Architecture fascinates me“

Even though Nagelsmann says he has „never had a break“ since he was 16 and that soccer has always played the main role in his life, he still has specific ideas about what he would like to try out after his coaching career: „I can well imagine internships in skilled professions after my coaching career. Architecture fascinates me, as does construction, cabinetmaking and carpentry.“

In addition to his second career, Nagelsmann also has one or two other hobbies he would like to pursue. „A tour of Alaska and Canada, backpacking across the Alps – being on the road for a long time at a stretch. I broke off my pilot’s license and sold my light aircraft – without a flying lesson, due to lack of time. I’d like to get my paragliding license, too.“

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