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After Neuer interview: Will Nagelsmann now appoint Kimmich as captain?

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Joshua Kimmich has been considered a future Bayern captain for some time. In recent years, the 27-year-old has taken on more responsibility both on and off the pitch at the German record champion. According to current media reports, Kimmich could take over the captain’s armband from Manuel Neuer much sooner than thought.

There is a big question mark behind Manuel Neuer’s (sporting) future. After his recent statements and the sharp criticism of the club’s management, there is a need for discussion between club and player. The relationship between Julian Nagelsmann and the 36-year-old is also considered strained. The sacking of goalkeeping coach and Neuer intimate Toni Tapalovic could become a real test for the record champion.

Will Neuer remain FCB captain? Nagelsmann: „This is music for the future“.

Nagelsmann was very cautious about Neuer on Sunday. The FCB coach made it clear that „the door is always open.“ However, the 35-year-old also explained that it is now Neuer’s turn to take a step towards those responsible: „You can always talk to me – but others are now in the debt to bring.“ According to his own statements, there has been no exchange between the two since the interview.“

As reported by the „BILD“, Neuer is in danger of losing his position as team captain next season. According to the paper, Joshua Kimmich could become Bayern’s new captain next season. Kimmich has been considered the next FCB captain for some time. The 27-year-old is already the first contact for Nagelsmann.

Nagelsmann himself did not want to comment on this topic at the moment. Above all, he left open whether Neuer would remain captain after his public criticism: „Manu is injured. Manu has to get better. He doesn’t have an easy phase because of the decision and because of the injury. I hope that he will get healthy. Everything else is then future music.“

Neuer has been team captain at the German record champion since the summer of 2017.

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  1. Personally feel with the new management of Salihamidžić and Oliver Kahn, we are loosing the team unity and respect for our clubs legends. It’s sad to see this type of attitude and reckless management coming from our own former players. Kahn used to be one of my favourite in the early 2000s now he just seems like a silent audience who gives in to bully nature of Salihamidzic.
    Don’t know the inside story but from the press it seems we lost a couple of key performer because of Salihamidzic’s ego, like:
    1) Hansi Flick: Hansi won everything for us when Salihamidzic ex-colleague almost lost us Thomas Muller. Flick revived the team and went on to win 6 titles under one calendar year. But due to Salihamidzic we lost a good manager who understands the players.
    2) Alaba: David is a club legend, from our academy along with Basti and lahm, he has given his best performance for us every time but due to Salihamidzic who thinks he does not deserve a raise and we are still spending insane amount of money finding a defender and we gifted Alaba to our UCL rival who went to win CL last year.
    3) Lewa: We lost our top goal scorer who could have stayed with us for a couple of more seasons and even hinted of retiring with us, but no, Salihamidzic thought he is a smart and cheeky, the guy goes to negotiate with Halaad knowing that Halaand had no interest in us and does not have the courage to own up and this lead to us loosing Lewa to another UCL rival who is now making La Liga looks like a farmers league.
    Now we are at the verge of loosing Neur who has also serving us, he is our current captain but the disrespect our management is showing to Neuer and our past legend mentioned above should be un-expectable by us fans. We need a new management team who understands the players and fans emotions also maintain our club finances and not run it to the ground.
    Hope get a better management team who can take care of our players so they can always relate to us like how our past legends has always loved our club.

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