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Brazzo’s New Strategy: His Secret to This Transfer Window

Hasan Salihamdizic / Bayern
Photo: IMAGO

In this 2022 summer transfer window, Hasan ‚Brazzo‘ Salihamidžić has pulled off transfers for Noussair Mazraoui, Ryan Gravenberch, Sadio Mané, and is working on bringing Matthijs de Ligt to FC Bayern München. The success of this period is down to a few minor details, not often employed by other clubs due to its sneaky nature and legality

However, Hasan Salihamidžić is a person who embodies the ‚win at all costs‘ mentality. Regardless of ethics, he will try get his way. And respectfully, he does

The negotiation tactics employed by Brazzo and his entourage are simple. Firstly, we look at the situation. We want a player, and that player is attached to a club. If the club isn’t willing to let them go, how do we try help them make that decision? Persuading the club is of no use, so instead, Brazzo persuades the player. By doing so, pressure is put on the club to lower their demands and let their players go for cheap

The formula is complex in some areas. Clubs are not allowed to directly contact players until they are within the last 6 months of their existing contract. So Hasan Salihamidžić contacts their agents instead, and arranges a meeting with them where the player is present. This is a grey area in legality within the footballing world and FIFA, but since it is not directly with the player, clubs cannot be fined for such actions

Then, if there are multiple clubs interested in a transfer, Salihamidžić will persuade them to only consider FC Bayern’s offer. Whether it be the wage structure, mentality, city, training facilities, work benefits, resources, or staff, there will always be a factor which Brazzo will push, elevating FC Bayern’s offer above other clubs

As seen with Noussair Mazraoui, the player immediately perked up with FC Bayern’s offer, and refused any other. Meanwhile, AFC Ajax initially requested 35m€ for Ryan Gravenberch to go, Hasan Salihamidžić met with the player’s entourage and persuaded him to join FC Bayern. Gravenberch wanted to join so badly, Ajax lowered their demands to 18.5m€ plus extra add-ons. FC Bayern wanted to pay less, but the player insisted on the transfer following through, when on the brink of collapsing. The persuasion tactic worked, and his agency even paid 500,000€ directly out of their pockets to fund the transfer

Meanwhile, with Sadio Mané, Liverpool wanted 60m€ for the Senegalese forward to leave. Brazzo worked his magic, and after plenty of discussion between himself and Julian Nagelsmann, Liverpool accepted a bid of around 32m€ and extra incentives, almost halving the initial offer. The fact that Sadio Mané wanted to leave a top team in the Premier League to join FC Bayern without question, is a huge role in Liverpool caving in to let the player go

Currently, the same is happening with Matthijs de Ligt at Juventus. The Italian club are starting to waver from their initial asking price of 120m€, now looking at 80m€ with extra bonuses. The player is willing to take a pay cut, reducing his 10m€ salary at Juventus to around 8m€ if he were to join FC Bayern. Hasan Salihamidžić and Julian Nagelsmann only needed one meeting with Matthijs de Ligt to convince him to join FC Bayern. Almost all personal terms have been agreed, and now the only figure is the transfer fee. Looking at previous transfers in this window alone, it’s likely Matthijs de Ligt will be joining FC Bayern for a sum considerably lower than what Juventus first asked for

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