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Pep Guardiola claims Ederson’s ball distribution is “the best” over Manuel Neuer or Victor Valdes

Manuel Neuer
Foto: MIGUEL A. LOPES/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has worked with a number of top goalkeepers – Manuel Neuer, Victor Valdes, and Ederson – to name a few. But the Spaniard has claimed that his City ‘keeper has the best ball distribution when compared with Neuer and Valdes.

The Bayern Munich captain has had an incredible last nine months – winning the sextuple and getting crowned as FIFA’s Best Men’s Goalkeeper of the Year.

And while Guardiola admits his former charge is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, he is not the best.

The City boss was praising Ederson for his incredible pass to Ilkay Gundogan, who scored their third goal against Tottenham over the weekend. “With his feet, he [Ederson] is the best,” he declared. “The quality of the pass, I would say, is the best.

“Manuel [Neuer] and Victor [Valdés] were incredible too but the quality of the pass (from Ederson) is the best.

“I would not say who is the best [overall] because I had success in the past with incredible ‘keepers in Victor, Manuel and Eddie.

“It is another example (of the recognition Ederson deserves) – he has credit from the manager, backroom staff and players. He’s outstanding and he knows it.

“But the players know: if you want credit and to be recognised, win games, win titles and you will get it. If you don’t win games and titles, you will not get it. It’s not more difficult than this.”