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Nagelsmann on Bayern: „It’s good that they didn’t become champions for once“

Julian Nagelsmann
Foto: Getty Images

The DFB Cup final at the Olympiastadion Berlin attracts numerous football celebrities, who watch the clash between Bayer Leverkusen and Kaiserslautern with excitement. Among the spectators is national coach Julian Nagelsmann, who spoke to the new Bayern coach before the match.

When asked about Vincent Kompany, the upcoming Bayern Munich coach, Nagelsmann spoke respectfully on ARD, although he had little personal contact with him: „I don’t know him particularly well or personally, but I wish him every success. I’ve heard that he’s a very good coach. He has learnt a lot under great coaches who have trained him. That’s why he’ll do well.“

Nagelsmann also spoke about the current situation at Bayern Munich and the opportunities that a change of coach can bring: „The club is in a state of upheaval. It’s good for the club that they didn’t become champions for once. A young coach can now change more if they haven’t become champions.“

Nagelsmann is paying particular attention to the performances of Florian Wirtz, Jonathan Tah and Robert Andrich, who he has nominated for the European Championship squad. He had the following to say about Wirtz: „I think he’s on the road an extreme amount in Leverkusen. He’s a street footballer, he has to show that with us too. He’s very hard-working, sometimes too hard-working. In the tournament, it’s important that he puts everything in at the right moments.“

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Nagelsmann also had words of praise for Xabi Alonso, the Bayer Leverkusen coach: „After this season, you can’t doubt anything. Simply exceptional. He always had solutions in our duels. He has extreme confidence in his team.“

He added that he even asked Leverkusen players about Alonso: „I asked some players what makes him so special. They couldn’t really say either. He reminds them that he can still win every game. He learnt that in Madrid. This gene is very special.“

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