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Harsh criticism of Bayern: „A single catastrophe“

Joshua Kimmich

This year’s Bundesliga season ends with an unexpected result for FC Bayern Munich. After the club had enjoyed an impressive run of eleven consecutive championships, Bayern now find themselves in an uncharacteristic third place. Former coach and TV pundit Peter Neururer has made some sharp comments on the record champions‘ performance.

In his column for wettfreunde.net, Neururer describes Bayern’s performance as disastrous. „What Bayern Munich, the absolute top favourites, have delivered after what feels like a hundred championships in a row is simply a disaster in both administrative and sporting terms,“ said Neururer.

He pointed out that FC Bayern fell far short of expectations with just 72 points, while Bayer Leverkusen finished the season with 90 points. In the previous season, incidentally, Bayern had two points less and still won the league title – but without their fierce rivals from Leverkusen.

Neururer went on to explain that Bayer Leverkusen’s dominance this season was hard to beat. „There are several reasons why we didn’t stand a chance against Leverkusen this year. But one of the main reasons is that Leverkusen simply played outstandingly well and showed morale, footballing quality and a will that has hardly been seen in the Bundesliga in recent years,“ he analysed.

Neururer attests Stuttgart „unbelievable development“

In contrast, Neururer praised the performance of VfB Stuttgart, who finished just ahead of Bayern with 73 points. „What Hoeneß and his staff have organised at VfB Stuttgart, I take my hat off. Simply marvellous,“ enthused Neururer.

According to him, Stuttgart have undergone an „incredible development“ and deserve recognition for their achievements. Stuttgart coach Sebastian Hoeneß, the nephew of Bayern veteran Uli Hoeneß, was also repeatedly rumoured as a possible successor to Thomas Tuchel at FC Bayern after the strong season with Stuttgart.


For RB Leipzig, participation in the Champions League is now „completely normal“, while Borussia Dortmund still has a chance in the Champions League despite finishing fifth. Neururer noted, however, that Dortmund have „actually weakened quite considerably“, which is not in keeping with the club’s high standards.

Peter Neururer summarises the season and states that, apart from Stuttgart’s impressive performance, the season has been „relatively normal“ for the top clubs. Only FC Bayern was a significant exception, with a performance that was far below expectations.

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