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No desire for FC Hollywood: Bayern bosses have put Emery off

Unai Emery
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For a long time, Unai Emery was rumoured to be a possible successor to Thomas Tuchel at FC Bayern. However, the Spaniard has no intention of moving and does not want to leave Aston Villa. As has now become known, the 52-year-old has also been put off by the behaviour of Bayern bosses.

Until recently, Unai Emery was still on Bayern’s shortlist. In the end, however, Max Eberl and Co. had to remove the Spaniard from their list of coaches. Emery has extended his contract with Aston Villa ahead of schedule until 2027, making a clear commitment to his current employer.

According to information from The Athletic, there were several reasons why the successful coach was not interested in the coaching job in Munich. Among other things, Bayern’s public image played a major role. Emery was particularly put off by the fact that Bayern bosses regularly express their views and complaints in public.

The most recent example of this is the dispute between honorary president Uli Hoeneß and Thomas Tuchel. Hoeneß had publicly criticised the still-Bayern coach for his treatment of young players. Such behaviour reminded Emery of his rather unhappy time at Arsenal FC.

Too little influence in Munich

Another point that has given Emery pause for thought is the limited influence he has in Munich with regard to squad planning. In England, a coach is often also active as a sports director and, as a manager, has much greater powers and a say in player transfers.

Emery has built up a whole staff at Aston Villa to support him in this regard. He would probably not have been able to maintain this in this form at FC Bayern. At FCB, he would have had two „direct superiors“ in the form of sporting director Max Eberl and Christoph Freund.

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