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„I trust him with everything“: What Kimmich thinks of Rangnick

Ralf Rangnick

Ralf Rangnick could become the new coach of FC Bayern, and negotiations with the coach are said to be in the decisive phase. Joshua Kimmich knows the coach well from their shared past. Now the FCB star talks about his former patron.

Joshua Kimmich is not worried that the coaching job at FC Bayern would be too big for Ralf Rangnick. „I have every confidence in him when you look at his past – and what he has already achieved and accomplished at his stations,“ Kimmich told the Munich newspaper tz about his former mentor.

Rangnick brought Kimmich to the Red Bull club from VfB Stuttgart at the age of 18 in 2013 in his role as sporting director at RB Leipzig at the time.

Kimmich reported: „He was extremely important to me. I was injured with pubalgia at the time.“

Kimmich on Rangnick: „Incredibly important for me“

The international continued: „You might think that for a player who has cost money and is only there for two years, you would say: ‚Now we’ve done something for you, now you have to march But Ralf Rangnick gave me the time to get fit – so that I could perform at the highest level. That was incredibly important for me.“

Rangnick, who currently works as Austria’s national coach, is regarded as a football expert who is obsessed with detail, but according to Kimmich, the 65-year-old also has the right human touch: „When I moved to FC Bayern, Ralf Rangnick took over as coach in Leipzig and I still had a lot of contact with the team afterwards. They all said that he was also a great coach on a personal level – regardless of his tactical ideas. They all spoke only positively about him, just like the boys do now when they come from the ÖFB.“

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