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Table without injury time: Bayern would still be in the title race

Thomas Tuchel

Bayer Leverkusen once again prevented defeat with a lucky punch in stoppage time. The last-minute goals played a decisive role in the title race in the Bundesliga, which is likely to cause frustration in Munich in particular.

Robert Andrich saved Leverkusen from their first defeat of the season in yesterday’s Bundesliga top match with his equaliser in the 96th minute to draw 2-2 against VfB Stuttgart.

Bayer thus remain unbeaten in all competitions for the 46th time this season. It is not the first time this season that the Werkself have scored in stoppage time: Against Stuttgart, Alonso’s side scored their 15th goal in stoppage time.

Even Alonso has no real explanation for this impressive statistic: „It doesn’t happen often in football. And there’s no explanation as to why it’s happened again,“ he said after the game against Stuttgart.

Without stoppage time goals: Bayern would only be just behind Leverkusen

While Leverkusen are celebrating this unique streak, Bayern are likely to be anything but thrilled.

The reason: without Leverkusen’s numerous last-minute goals, Munich would still be a genuine title contender three matchdays before the end of the season.

Sky has compiled a table without stoppage time and it reveals that Bayer would still be top of the table with 72 points after 31 matchdays, but only three points ahead of FCB, who would have 69 points.

Curious: In the past, the so-called „Bayern-Dusel“ has driven opposing fans crazy. In the current season, Munich have not yet secured a single point through goals in injury time. Leverkusen, on the other hand, have secured nine points.

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