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Second-round table: Bayern only in sixth place

Joshua Kimmich

The Bundesliga season is entering its final spurt. Bayer Leverkusen are 13 points clear in first place, while FC Bayern are just three points ahead of third-placed Stuttgart. The second-round table is sobering for the record champions.

If FC Bayern were known for one thing, it was their strong performances in the decisive phase of the season. Championships thought to have been won by Dortmund, which were then overturned, as in the extreme example of last year – the championship in Cologne at the last second. However, if you look at the table for the second half of the season, it becomes clear that this year is more about consolidating second place than attacking in the title race.

After ten games in the second half of the season, in which they have picked up 16 points, Bayern are only in sixth place in this table. All of the other top five clubs in the table, Leverkusen, Dortmund, Stuttgart and Leipzig, are ahead of the German record champions.

The defence is particularly weak

FC Bayern currently have 78 goals scored and 33 goals conceded after 27 match days. Offensively, Munich score more goals than any other team in the Bundesliga. Nevertheless, they concede the most goals among the top teams.

Under Julian Nagelsmann, the experts criticised the weak defence. But things haven’t looked any better with Tuchel so far. If you look again at the table for the second half of the season, the result is even gloomier.

In this period, Bayern conceded more goals than any other team at the top. With 18 goals in their own net, FC Bayern are only five goals better than last-placed SV Darmstadt 98. The many goals conceded in the second half of the season are certainly partly to blame for their early exit from the race for the championship.

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