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Leverkusen star hoped for an Alonso transfer to FC Bayern

Xabi Alonso
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Surprising words from Josip Stanisic after Leverkusen’s triumph in the cup: the defender revealed his hopes of a move from coach Xabi Alonso to FC Bayern Munich.

Leverkusen’s Croatian defender Josip Stanisic was on hand to answer questions after their commanding victory in the cup semi-final against Fortuna Düsseldorf. His comments on Xabi Alonso staying on as Leverkusen coach caused quite a stir. „Of course I’m delighted that he feels at home here. Personally, I had perhaps hoped for a different scenario. But not everything goes according to plan in football,“ explained Stanisic, who is now one of the pillars of the team after a difficult start under Alonso.

The background to this statement is the decision by Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel last summer to inform Stanisic that there was no need for him. This led to the defender being loaned to Leverkusen. Looking back, Stanisic sees this move as a positive one: „It was the right decision. I had the chance to gain match practice and develop further. Despite a difficult first half of the season, in which I was often dissatisfied, the team has developed enormously.“

Stanisic is now set to return to Bayern Munich, where he is still under contract until 2026. Stanisic’s advisor Dieter Hoeneß confirmed this in March: „He will return. There is neither an exit clause nor a purchase option for Leverkusen.“ Stanisic was obviously hoping to work under Alonso at Bayern, but that possibility is now off the table.

Stanisic’s future still uncertain

For Stanisic himself, however, a return to Munich does not yet seem certain. A decisive role will be played by whether the future Bayern coach backs him. „I’m fully focussed on Leverkusen until the last game. We’ll see what happens after that,“ he said.

However, Munich are likely to be very interested in keeping Stanisic, especially as he has a special bond with the club as a home-grown player. His loan and the sale of Benjamin Pavard had exacerbated Bayern’s defensive problems in the past. Stanisic’s return could therefore offer a chance for a fresh start – regardless of who becomes the new Bayern coach.


  1. „ist die Entscheidung von Bayerns Coach Thomas Tuchel im letzten Sommer, Stanisic mitzuteilen, dass kein Bedarf für ihn bestehe“

    Allein deshalb ist es schon gut, dass man Tuchel gekickt hat.

    1. @Martin…

      Du glaubst doch nicht wirklich, dass mit Stanisic unsere BL-Saison anders gelaufen wäre??
      Er ist nun wirklich nicht der Überflieger und der unersetzbare Defensivspieler.
      Er war ja noch nicht einmal in Leverkusen Stammspieler.

      1. Auch wenn Stanisic unsere Saison sicherlich nicht gerettet hätte, hätte man sich zumindest die verplemperte Kohle für Boey sparen können.

        1. @Hons

          Aber mal schauen, ob die Kohle für Boey wirklich verplempert war? Stand jetzt bleibt er wohl und kann nächste Saison zeigen, was er kann.

  2. Was für ein Nichtbericht.
    Man kann es offenbar noch immer nicht lassen mit dem Thema Alonso, obwohl diese Personalie seit Karfreitag geklärt ist.

  3. Ich würde mit den neuen Trainer sprechen, wenn er fest steht, wo er bei Bayern steht. Wenn es nicht positiv ist, würde ich alles versuchen in Leverkusen zu bleiben.

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