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Nagelsmann reveals: Kimmich gets on the nerves of his DFB colleagues

Joshua Kimmich
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Germany coach Julian Nagelsmann is full of praise for FC Bayern’s Joshua Kimmich – but also reveals that he „sometimes gets on the nerves“ with his manner.

After the German national team’s 2-0 friendly win in France, Julian Nagelsmann was full of praise for Bayern star Joshua Kimmich.

The national coach said at the press conference ahead of the international match against the Netherlands in Frankfurt: „Josh is a very important player for us because he epitomises a lot of what you sometimes miss a bit in young players of the new generation who are new to the pros.“ Namely: „The unconditional desire to win in every situation.“

This means Kimmich „sometimes gets on the nerves of one or two people“, says Nagelsmann, but the 29-year-old’s manner is „very valuable and infectious for everyone“.

Nagelsmann also cited an example: at the final whistle in France, Kimmich celebrated the victory „with both arms stretched forwards“ and an „extremely loud“ shout.

The national coach said: „You wouldn’t think it was a test match. But that’s just how he is, he’s very genuine and doesn’t pretend.“

Nagelsmann on Kimmich: „Very clever and alert“

Kimmich „played very well in the game against the French – both offensively and defensively“.

In Lyon, Kimmich again played in the right-back position. Nagelsmann reported that Kimmich was „a little annoyed that people always say he doesn’t want to play in that position“.

The former Bayern coach explained: „He is generally very open. The most important thing for him is that he plays and can help the team. He does that in terms of content and mentality.“

According to Nagelsmann, Kimmich had „a speed deficit“ against Kylian Mbappé, but was also „very clever and very alert in defence“.

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