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Eberl confirms: Contract poker with Kimmich has begun!

Joshua Kimmich

For a long time, Joshua Kimmich was considered untouchable at FC Bayern. Recently, there have been increasing reports that the 29-year-old wants to leave the record champions at the end of the season. However, an extension at FCB is still possible. As sporting director Max Eberl has now confirmed, talks with the DFB international are gathering pace.

Joshua Kimmich has now been under contract with FC Bayern for almost nine years. During this time, the midfielder has developed into an absolute top performer and leading player. Kimmich was considered the „captain of the future“ and the designated successor to Manuel Neuer.

In recent weeks, however, there have been increasing signs that Kimmich and Bayern could part ways at the end of the season. The 29-year-old’s contract only runs until 2025 and, according to sporting director Max Eberl, there has been an initial exchange between the club and player: „Yes, I had a conversation with Josh recently,“ the 50-year-old revealed in an interview with Sport BILD.

Kimmich is conducting the contract negotiations himself and does not have an advisor. From Eberl’s point of view, this is not a disadvantage, on the contrary: „That’s rather unusual, I’ve only experienced this kind of independence with Martin Stranzl in Gladbach. A player who knows what he wants, with whom you can speak directly on a one-to-one basis: That makes things easier.“

Kimmich and Bayern are not ruling out a departure in the summer

According to Sky, it is completely open as to what will happen with Kimmich in the summer. The German international has not always been able to fulfil the high expectations this season. According to the pay-TV broadcaster, Munich are open to transfer talks.

Kimmich himself is also said to be not completely satisfied with his current situation at FCB. The ongoing six-man debate has weakened his role in the team. The fact that he has to help out in the right-back position doesn’t really please Kimmich either. According to Sky, the former Bayern midfield boss can envisage a move in the summer. The English Premier League in particular is said to appeal to him.

Another problem could be the financial framework conditions. In plain language, that means the salary. According to reports, Kimmich currently earns just under 20 million euros per season. This already makes him one of the top earners on the Isar. According to Sky, the Bayern bosses are not prepared to make a big increase in salary.

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