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„I don’t like it“: Hoeneß criticises Bayern’s defence

Uli Hoeneß

FC Bayern once again recorded a commanding victory in Darmstadt on Saturday. Only in defence did the German record champions show their defensive shortcomings, with two goals conceded against the team bottom of the table being too much for Munich’s standards. Honorary President Uli Hoeneß, who criticised the Reds‘ defensive behaviour, is of the same opinion.

FC Bayern are coming out of a difficult phase that resulted in the early departure of Thomas Tuchel next summer. Since then, Munich have recovered. In the league, they won twice comfortably against Mainz 05 (8:1) and Darmstadt (5:2) and reached the quarter-finals of the Premier League with a confident performance against Lazio Rome (3:0). This development also pleased Honorary President Uli Hoeneß.

The Bayern patriarch commented on Bayern’s current form in an interview with kicker. „First of all, I think it’s very good how the team and the coach are dealing with the new situation. It’s obvious that they’ve pulled themselves together and both sides are trying very hard to make the best of the situation,“ said the 72-year-old.

„Individual negligence that absolutely must be remedied“

Nevertheless, Hoeneß is not completely satisfied with the German record champions‘ team, in particular the defensive behaviour still does not please the honorary president. „I still don’t like the defensive behaviour of the whole team. Every single player has to scrutinise whether they’re tackling as well as they should. These are individual carelessnesses that absolutely must be remedied,“ criticised Hoeneß.

Despite these defensive shortcomings, the 72-year-old still believes the season will end successfully. Hoeneß is primarily referring to the Champions League, as the league championship is becoming increasingly unlikely. „If we play highly focussed football, we have a chance,“ said the 72-year-old, assessing the chances of success in the top flight.

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