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„I have to go back, but…“ – Stanisic leaves Bayern future open

Josip Stanisic

According to an agreement, loan player Josip Stanisic will return to Bayern Munich from Bayer Leverkusen at the end of the season. But recent statements from the defender have raised eyebrows. The 23-year-old leaves his Bayern future open!

„I haven’t even thought about that yet,“ the Croatian international is quoted as saying by BILD regarding his future. Will he stay in Leverkusen or will he return to Munich, as the deal between Bayern and Bayer actually envisages?

Apparently an unresolved question for Stanisic. His advisor Dieter Hoeneß emphasised on Welt TV: „Josip has no option to buy from Leverkusen, so he will be back at FC Bayern in the summer. He still has a contract until 2026.“

Stanisic’s future? „It’s written in the stars“

Stanisic added: „The season is still long, we’re in all three competitions, that’s the focus. Then comes the European Championship. What happens beyond that is still written in the stars.“

He doesn’t seem to see things quite as clearly as his advisor. This could also be due to what happened shortly before the end of the transfer window, as the Munich management only decided very late to send Stanisic on loan to Leverkusen.

„Of course, the situation is such that I have to go back. But you never know in football. The business is very fast-moving,“ said Stanisic.

„One day I’m there, the next I’m gone again. We’ll see,“ with which Stanisic possibly alluded to the aforementioned incidents that led to his short-term transfer. The Munich native also explained that he had become more satisfied with the number of appearances he had made over the course of the season. One of the reasons for this was Odilon Kossounou, who spent a long time at the Africa Cup and thus allowed Stanisic to make more appearances.

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