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„Then they have to react“: Effenberg warns Bayern on the coaching issue

Coach Thomas Tuchel must surely leave FC Bayern at the end of the season. However, if former Bayern captain Stefan Effenberg has his way, the bosses should sack him sooner if they are knocked out of the Champions League against Lazio Roma.

Stefan Effenberg is in favour of sacking coach Thomas Tuchel immediately if FC Bayern are knocked out of the Champions League against Lazio Roma.

„FC Bayern must be careful. If that goes down the pan, then they have to react,“ said the former Bayern professional on Sunday’s „Doppelpass“ programme on Sport1.

The 55-year-old believes there is a danger that the season could be completely derailed if the club is knocked out of the top flight. In the Bundesliga, there would then be a risk of falling behind VfB Stuttgart, who are currently four points behind Bayern in third place.

Effenberg criticised Tuchel’s public appearances: „A coach has to lead the way and emphasise the positives. He’s not doing that,“ said the former international.

Effenberg on Tuchel: „Deal with the players differently“

The „Tiger“ continued: „Tuchel’s public image doesn’t go down well with the players. As FC Bayern coach, you have to deal with the players differently.“

Effenberg explained: „If he says hara-kiri, then he is responsible for it. If you have a team that is insecure, then you have to talk to them differently. Then don’t hit them, but try to caress them.“

Effenberg finds it unfortunate how often Tuchel has recently commented on topics outside his sphere of influence – such as the appointment of Max Eberl as the new sporting director.

„He’s opening up construction sites. Hitzfeld or Heynckes would only have focussed on sporting matters and not commented on other topics. He’s not doing himself, the players or the club any favours,“ said Effenberg.

When choosing Tuchel’s successor, FC Bayern must „make sure to bring in a coach who no longer does that, but only focuses fully on football.“

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