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Goretzka working with Musiala on the physical side of his game

Leon Goretzka
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If you did not love Leon Goretzka before then after this you certainly will. With COVID still wreaking havoc across the globe, Goretzka took the time off to do some work on his physical strength and it has certainly paid dividends.

Seeing the benefits of his increased strength in his overall gameplay, the German international now wants to take young Jamal Musiala under his wing and help him reach similar heights.

Speaking to the club’s official podcast, Goretzka gave his thoughts on Musiala’s current physical conditioning.

“What I have taken as a task and as a challenge is Jamal Musiala,” Goretzka said. “We all know what a huge potential he has with the ball. But up top he already gets pushed away a bit too easily here and there, that’s a thorn in my side.”
In an ideal world, Goretzka would have been working on his physical conditioning long before COVID forced the entire football world into a break.

”I should probably have gone to the gym earlier,” Goretzka said. “That actually brought a little something.”
Bettering yourself physically is one thing, but being stronger and still maintaining your athleticism is another and that is something that Goretzka believes is crucial.

“You can’t go into training here and your whole body hurts because you did maximum strength training,” Goretzka said. “We usually have three games in a week. Of course, sometimes there is little time to train hard. (During the mandatory COVID-19 quarantine period that Goretzka had to serve) six to eight weeks where I didn’t have that; where I could throw myself up completely in the gym, and I did that. The result was somehow for me all visible. And that continued to work well in terms of sport.”

Since his return, Goretzka has been a dominant presence in Bayern’s midfield and he is quickly becoming one of Hansi Flick’s most important players.

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