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Players staying up late to watch the Super Bowl? Flick sees no issues

Hansi Flick
Foto: Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is just hours way and Bayern boss Hansi Flick has stated he is not worried about his players who will be staying up to watch the showpiece event.

The Super Bowl will kick off at 2:30AM in Qatar but Flick says he has full confidence in his side to be professional.

“Everyone has the responsibility to perform well. Everyone is old enough and knows how to recharge the battery,” Flick said. “I will not control if anyone is watching the game. I have confidence in my team.”

The Bayern boss also said that he would not play bad cop by checking in on his players who decided to stay up to watch the game. Flick said that every player is professional and is accountable to the team for their actions.

“That must and will be enough,” Flick said. “I’m not going to sneak through the hallways and see if there’s a TV on somewhere. I have faith that the players are old enough and know how to best perform.”

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