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Karl-Heinz Rummenigge rages over travel chaos as Bayern players and staff face nine-hour delay

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
Foto: Matthias Hangst/Bongarts/Getty Images

Bayern Munich were supposed to leave for Doha last night for the FIFA Club World Cup, but the players and staff were stuck inside the flight for nearly nine hours.

The Bundesliga champions beat Herta Berlin 1-0 on Friday evening, and were to fly immediately to Qatar. But nothing went according to plan for Hansi Flick’s side.

The team was supposed to depart for Doha at 11:15pm, but they were denied initial clearance to take off, and their flight was delayed by more than seven hours.

But the delays did not stop there. Following their late start, the flight then stopped in Munich since the airline had to swap their crew.

Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was completely beside himself and said: “We feel totally ripped off by the responsible authorities in Brandenburg politics. The people in charge don’t even know what they did to our team.”

The entire squad spent the night on the flight, with pictures on social media showing them catching up on movies and with teammates.

There should be no harm done to the players, mentally or physically, but the delay, was nonetheless, extremely inconvenient.

Bundesliga commentator Derek Rae has now revealed what exactly happened last night. The decision to not fly was made by air traffic controllers and local regulations. There is a strict ban on night flights between 00:00 and 05:00 at the international airport.

Rae wrote on Twitter: “In my previous thread, I mentioned Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was angry with Brandenburg politicians. BILD says the decision had nothing to do with them, but rested with the DFS, GER’s Air Traffic Controllers.

“They implement the local rules that call for no air traffic after midnight. Essentially anyone still on the ground at 23:59 & 30 seconds, won’t be allowed into the air before midnight & will miss the deadline.

“However BILD says there seems to have been communication difficulties with the Brandenburg politicians. Supposedly because this was an intercontinental flight to Qatar, it qualified for an exception and could have been allowed to start engine up until 23:59.

“The Air Traffic Controllers apparently report to the Brandenburg Infrastructure Ministry & a spokesperson told BILD the matter was being investigated. Bayern weren’t able to leave until 06.52 and had to stop over in Munich due to a crew change.”

Bayern Munich eventually landed in Doha at approximately 8:15am EST.