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Neuer relishes challenge of coming up against the best in the world

Manuel Neuer
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The German shot-stopper has repeatedly faced the world’s best in his career and loves the challenge.

Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer embraces the challenge of coming face to face with the best in the game like Cristiano Ronaldo, claiming he does not have any fear when coming up against the world’s best.

Throughout his long and illustrious career, Neuer has regularly faced off against the best in the business for both club and country, winning nearly every trophy available to him.

Neuer has a reputation of psychological warfare when on the pitch

Neuer has a reputation to get into the heads of his opposition with world-class players treated like any other player for the German shot-stopper. Neuer spoke to 51 magazine about facing one of the world’s best as Ronaldo is currently at Juventus, one of Bayern’s biggest challengers to their European crown.

“The difference is that I know Cristiano Ronaldo better than many others from our many duels. I’m not saying: ‘Oh, here comes Ronaldo, I must be scared.’”

The keeper then spoke about the challenge that comes with being one-on-one with the Portuguese superstar.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not keen on situations like this, I’m primarily thinking of the team, but if I can prove myself, I want to be there.”

Neuer is considered by many to be the perfect modern-day keeper, with him being very reliable with the ball at his feet as what he is with his hands and regularly starts attacks for his side.

Neuer then went on to speak about the mentality he has throughout his career.

“The striker is the first defender, they always say – I think the goalkeeper should be the first attacker these days.”

The Bayern Munich keeper says that it is his job to help control the space that is behind the defenders and in doing this, helping out his fellow players to concentrate on issues further up the field.

Neuer said: “The fact that I am practically an energy saver for the team in this way is one of many positive aspects to this side.”

Neuer helped Bayern to yet another treble-winning season last year and is still in the hunt for domestic and European silverware as his side looks to defend both the Bundesliga and Champions League titles.


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